WHY GeoMama

Geo and Logic GIS Solutions LLC were established to meet the growing needs for tracking solutions services. We take special care to ensure that we locate to protect your assets and fleet in real time 24/7. GeoMama is a fleet management and tracking solutions developed by Geo & Logic GIS Solutions LLC.

The automatic vehicle location (AVL) allows you to monitor, observe and manage your fleet on line. GeoMama offers an off the shelf solutions for fleet and asset tracking applications which consists of hardware and software units that generate and manage statistical reports according to your needs and demands.

It is the intention of our solutions to allow any organization to track a fleet of sets effectively and to deliver measurable business and operational benefit by providing total visibility and control of mobile assets in real time tracking with a combination of GPS/GPRS/GSM technology for fleet and vehicle tracking solutions.



As a government fleet manager, you need to meet high expectations demand for services while maintaining accountability of where your vehicles are and what drivers are doing with them.

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Food & Beverage Distribution

Where’s my vehicle? Where’s the driver? Where’s that customer order? Can this overtime claim be correct? How is the vehicle being used? Is our trust being abused? .

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Automated Driver ID

Allows Each Driver To “Login” To A Vehicle, Reports Indicate Which Driver Was Driving, Create Driver Accountability for Incidents .

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School & Commercial Buses

Star finder Bus is used in public transport which is automatically, intelligently and accurately collected the getting on-off traffic.

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Transportation & Delivery Services

Do you ever wonder whether your vehicles are being used efficiency? Does your fleet management need a comprehensive affordable and user friendly tool

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Construction & Heavy Machinery

Using a GEOMAMA solutions helps you spontaneously track when your vehicles enter and leave the project site using our geo fencing and land marking feature.

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